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Statehood Day Holiday Montenegro 2019

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Montenegro celebrates Statehood Day on July 13 every year.

Montenegro was a part of the Ottoman Empire for over two centuries.

In the 16th century Montenegro developed a unique form of autonomy within the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire and Montenegrin clans became free from certain restrictions.

At the same time Montenegrins refused to accept the Ottoman rule that led to numerous rebellions.

The rebellions culminated in the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the Great Turkish War at the end of the 17th century.

Montenegro became a theocracy and the Austrian Empire succeeded the republic in 1797.

During the Austrian rule Montenegro was unified with the Highlands.

The Principality of Montenegro was recognized as an independent state in 1878 on the Berlin Congress.

It became the 27th independent state in the world.

There is another important date in the history of Montenegro, that also falls on July 13. In 1941, the Montenegrins staged an uprising against the Nazi occupiers and sided with communist movement.

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